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Entity di CSS: Contoh Simbol dan Codenya

by Hanifah Nurbaeti
by Hanifah Nurbaeti

Referensi Entitas CSS Lengkap

Jika kita menggunakan CSS untuk menampilkan salah satu karakter ini dalam HTML, kita bisa gunakan entitas CSS yang terdapat pada tabel di bawah.

Contoh :

<!DOCTYPE html>
h2:after {
  content: ' \00A7';

<h2> Saya akan menampilkan </h2>

<p> Semua elemen H2 akan ditambahkan karakter tambahan di akhir. </p>


Semua elemen <h2> akan ditampilkan dengan karakter entitas sesuai dengan kodenya.

SymbolDescriptionCSS (ISO)
quotation mark\0022
#number sign\0023
$dollar sign\0024
%percent sign\0025
(left parenthesis\0028
)right parenthesis\0029
+plus sign\002b
.full stop; period\002e
/solidus; slash\002f
>greater-than sign\003e
?question mark\003f
@at sign; commercial at\0040
[left square bracket\005b
]right square bracket\005d
^circumflex accent\005e
_low line\005f
`grave accent\0060
{left curly bracket\007b
|vertical bar\007c
}right curly bracket\007d
 no-break space\00a0
¡inverted exclamation mark\00a1
¢cent sign\00a2
£pound sterling sign\00a3
¤general currency sign\00a4
¥yen sign\00a5
Indian Rupee (INR) sign\20B9
¦broken (vertical) bar\00a6
§section sign\00a7
¨umlaut (dieresis)\00a8
©copyright sign\00a9
ªordinal indicator, feminine\00aa
«angle quotation mark, left\00ab
¬not sign\00ac
­soft hyphen\00ad
®registered sign\00ae
°degree sign\00b0
±plus-or-minus sign\00b1
²superscript two\00b2
³superscript three\00b3
´acute accent\00b4
µmicro sign\00b5
pilcrow (paragraph sign)\00b6
·middle dot\00b7
¹superscript one\00b9
ºordinal indicator, masculine\00ba
»angle quotation mark, right\00bb
¼fraction one-quarter\00bc
½fraction one-half\00bd
¾fraction three-quarters\00be
¿inverted question mark\00bf
Àcapital A, grave accent\00c0
Ácapital A, acute accent\00c1
Âcapital A, circumflex accent\00c2
Ãcapital A, tilde\00c3
Äcapital A, dieresis or umlaut mark\00c4
Åcapital A, ring\00c5
Æcapital AE diphthong (ligature)\00c6
Çcapital C, cedilla\00c7
Ècapital E, grave accent\00c8
Écapital E, acute accent\00c9
Êcapital E, circumflex accent\00ca
Ëcapital E, dieresis or umlaut mark\00cb
Ìcapital I, grave accent\00cc
Ícapital I, acute accent\00cd
Îcapital I, circumflex accent\00ce
Ïcapital I, dieresis or umlaut mark\00cf
Ðcapital Eth, Icelandic\00d0
Ñcapital N, tilde\00d1
Òcapital O, grave accent\00d2
Ócapital O, acute accent\00d3
Ôcapital O, circumflex accent\00d4
Õcapital O, tilde\00d5
Öcapital O, dieresis or umlaut mark\00d6
×multiply sign\00d7
Øcapital O, slash\00d8
Ùcapital U, grave accent\00d9
Úcapital U, acute accent\00da
Ûcapital U, circumflex accent\00db
Ücapital U, dieresis or umlaut mark\00dc
Ýcapital Y, acute accent\00dd
Þcapital THORN, Icelandic\00de
ßsmall sharp s, German (sz ligature)\00df
àsmall a, grave accent\00e0
ásmall a, acute accent\00e1
âsmall a, circumflex accent\00e2
ãsmall a, tilde\00e3
äsmall a, dieresis or umlaut mark\00e4
åsmall a, ring\00e5
æsmall ae diphthong (ligature)\00e6
çsmall c, cedilla\00e7
èsmall e, grave accent\00e8
ésmall e, acute accent\00e9
êsmall e, circumflex accent\00ea
ësmall e, dieresis or umlaut mark\00eb
ìsmall i, grave accent\00ec
ísmall i, acute accent\00ed
îsmall i, circumflex accent\00ee
ïsmall i, dieresis or umlaut mark\00ef
ðsmall eth, Icelandic\00f0
ñsmall n, tilde\00f1
òsmall o, grave accent\00f2
ósmall o, acute accent\00f3
ôsmall o, circumflex accent\00f4
õsmall o, tilde\00f5
ösmall o, dieresis or umlaut mark\00f6
÷divide sign\00f7
øsmall o, slash\00f8
ùsmall u, grave accent\00f9
úsmall u, acute accent\00fa
ûsmall u, circumflex accent\00fb
üsmall u, dieresis or umlaut mark\00fc
ýsmall y, acute accent\00fd
þsmall thorn, Icelandic\00fe
ÿsmall y, dieresis or umlaut mark\00ff
Œlatin capital ligature oe\0152
œlatin small ligature oe\0153
Šlatin capital letter s with caron\0160
šlatin small letter s with caron\0161
Ÿlatin capital letter y with diaeresis\0178
ƒlatin small f with hook\0192
ˆmodifier letter circumflex accent\02c6
˜small tilde\02dc
Αgreek capital letter alpha\0391
Βgreek capital letter beta\0392
Γgreek capital letter gamma\0393
Δgreek capital letter delta\0394
Εgreek capital letter epsilon\0395
Ζgreek capital letter zeta\0396
Ηgreek capital letter eta\0397
Θgreek capital letter theta\0398
Ιgreek capital letter iota\0399
Κgreek capital letter kappa\039a
Λgreek capital letter lambda\039b
Μgreek capital letter mu\039c
Νgreek capital letter nu\039d
Ξgreek capital letter xi\039e
Οgreek capital letter omicron\039f
Πgreek capital letter pi\03a0
Ρgreek capital letter rho\03a1
Σgreek capital letter sigma\03a3
Τgreek capital letter tau\03a4
Υgreek capital letter upsilon\03a5
Φgreek capital letter phi\03a6
Χgreek capital letter chi\03a7
Ψgreek capital letter psi\03a8
Ωgreek capital letter omega\03a9
αgreek small letter alpha\03b1
βgreek small letter beta\03b2
γgreek small letter gamma\03b3
δgreek small letter delta\03b4
εgreek small letter epsilon\03b5
ζgreek small letter zeta\03b6
ηgreek small letter eta\03b7
θgreek small letter theta\03b8
ιgreek small letter iota\03b9
κgreek small letter kappa\03ba
λgreek small letter lambda\03bb
μgreek small letter mu\03bc
νgreek small letter nu\03bd
ξgreek small letter xi\03be
οgreek small letter omicron\03bf
πgreek small letter pi\03c0
ρgreek small letter rho\03c1
ςgreek small letter final sigma\03C2
σgreek small letter sigma\03C3
τgreek small letter tau\03C4
υgreek small letter upsilon\03C5
φgreek small letter phi\03C6
χgreek small letter chi\03C7
ψgreek small letter psi\03C8
ωgreek small letter omega\03C9
ϑgreek small letter theta symbol\03D1
ϒgreek upsilon with hook symbol\03D2
ϖgreek pi symbol\03D6
en space\2002
em space\2003
thin space\2009
zero width non-joiner\200C
zero width joiner\200D
left-to-right mark\200E
right-to-left mark\200F
en dash\2013
em dash\2014
left single quotation mark\2018
right single quotation mark\2019
single low-9 quotation mark\201A
left double quotation mark\201C
right double quotation mark\201D
double low-9 quotation mark\201E
double dagger\2021
per mille sign\2030
single left-pointing angle quotation mark\2039
single right-pointing angle quotation mark\203A
bullet, a.k.a. black small circle
bullet is NOT the same as bullet operator — u+2219
horizontal ellipsis, a.k.a. three dot leader\2026
prime, a.k.a. minutes, a.k.a. feet\2032
double prime, a.k.a. seconds, a.k.a. inches\2033
overline, a.k.a. spacing overscore\203E
fraction slash\2044
script capital P, a.k.a. power set, a.k.a. Weierstrass p\2118
blackletter capital I, a.k.a. imaginary part\2111
blackletter capital R, a.k.a. real part symbol\211C
trade mark sign\2122
alef symbol\2135
leftwards arrow\2190
upwards arrow\2191
rightwards arrow\2192
downwards arrow\2193
left right arrow\2194
downwards arrow with corner leftwards, a.k.a. carriage return\21B5
leftwards double arrow
can be used for ‘is implied by’
upwards double arrow\21D1
rightwards double arrow\21D2
downwards double arrow\21D3
left right double arrow\21D4
black left pointing triangle\25C0
black right pointing triangle\25b6
black up pointing triangle\25b2
black down pointing triangle\25bc
for all\2200
partial differential\2202
there exists\2203
empty set, a.k.a. null set, a.k.a. diameter\2205
nabla, a.k.a. backward difference\2207
element of\2208
not an element of\2209
contains as member\220B
n-ary product, a.k.a. product sign\220F
n-ary sumation\2211
minus sign\2212
asterisk operator\2217
square root, a.k.a. radical sign\221A
proportional to\221D
logical and (wedge)\2227
logical or (vee)\2228
intersection, a.k.a. cap\2229
union, a.k.a. cup\222A
approximately equal to\2245
almost equal to, a.k.a. asymptotic to\2248
not equal to\2260
identical to\2261
less-than or equal to\2264
greater-than or equal to\2265
subset of\2282
superset of\2283
not a subset of\2284
subset of or equal to\2286
superset of or equal to\2287
circled plus, a.k.a. direct sum\2295
circled times, a.k.a. vector product\2297
up tack\22A5
dot operator\22C5
left ceiling, a.k.a. apl upstile\2308
right ceiling\2309
left floor, a.k.a. apl downstile\230A
right floor\230B
left-pointing angle bracket\2329
right-pointing angle bracket\232A
black spade suit\2660
black club suit, a.k.a. shamrock\2663
black heart suit, a.k.a. valentine\2665
black diamond suit\2666

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